Wedding Gift Presentation


kelly-manness-photo-01Wedding gifts are given as presentations in the pleasant occasions of wedding ceremonies as a social custom. These gifts are given to newly married couples as blessings for their future lives. During the ancient times, wedding gifts are given to brides and grooms. Wedding gifts are given by relatives, friends, colleagues, neighbors and people in acquaintance with the brides and grooms. There are different kinds of wedding gifts such as suits, gowns, apparels, jewelry, cookeries, furniture, cars, antiques, house hold electrical appliances like Television, refrigerator, washing machine, microwave oven, DVD player, personal computer, laptop, palmtop, sandwich maker, rice cooker, mobile phones, I-phone, I-pod etc. These gifts help the newly married couples to start their new lives in an organized way. They can make their home suitable for living with their presentations. This eases their living. It brings economy in spending valuable time and money. As a tradition, wedding gifts are given to bless the couple in their upcoming journey throughout their married life as they start their new family and grow over the years. It is a means of giving out

Excellent Wedding Planning Services Offered At VIVAHA Wedding Solutions


bfb43332bdc73e8732c0819f1450c1e3Wedding always captures one’s attention and creates a joy of fun and enthusiasm. To make it more exciting, it is preferable to choose a wedding planner company. So, VIVAHA wedding solutions is here to make sure that all your marriage events are arranged smoothly. When it comes for arranging a marriage function, there are several things to do like sending cards, decoration, DJ Sound, Barat co-ordination, Mehndi function and more, for which Vivaha is the only one stop solution. Detailed information regarding this company and their any party planner services is provided at Vivaha Wedding Solutions.

To make your marriage events unique, memorable and in accordance to your needs and desires, Ashima Malik, the owner of VIVAHA has contributed a lot. She is been in this profession since 2006 and holds a dedicated and responsible experience to cater large number of party and birthday events till date. The only key to VIVAHA’s success is her utmost personal and friendly attention to cater all events smoothly in a planned way. They help to put the appealing content in your invitation cards by

Before You Procure Wedding Services


resort-wedding-5Everyone wants to make their wedding celebrations unforgettable. And, this is the reason that wedding services have become more of a need than luxury when you talk about larger than life wedding festivities. However, considering the fact that people have really become dependent upon these services for their marriage planning, there has been rise of quite a number of service providers who claim to be the best in the business. So, you need to be careful before you invest your time and money on these services.

In order to make sure that you are with the right wedding organizer in Abu Dhabi or wherever in the world you are, the first thing you need to do is have a look at the portfolio of the organizer. Check out the functions hosted by them in the past, and see what they are capable of? A reliable and experienced wedding organizer would have been part of great celebrations in the past. Also, having a look at the events in the past they have organized can give you an idea whether they

Planning The Essentials For Your Outdoor Wedding Reception

Are you in the process of planning an outdoor wedding? An outdoor venue gives you a great opportunity to be creative and incorporate the beauty of nature into your reception!

As well as the magnificent natural scenery creating a fantastic setting within itself, an outdoor wedding also has the added luxury of space which is great as you have more free rein to design your reception venue in any way you want!

However, although there are a number of advantages to hosting your reception outside, this also means that you have to have consider a few outdoor essentials in order to make your wedding reception one step above the rest!


As the perfect weather cannot be guaranteed for your special day, make sure you’re fully equipped for hosting an outdoor wedding reception and hire yourself a marquee!

Even a warm summer’s day can end in a chilly evening, therefore it’s important to have organised some form of an undercover area for your guests to continue the day’s celebrations comfortably, warm and dry in.

If you fancy straying away from the more traditional white rectangular marquee, tipis are a cool and fun

Wedding Decor – An Important Aspect for a Perfect Wedding

Decorations play a significant role in any wedding. A fascinating decor can convert a normal wedding into a prodigal one, making it a larger than life affair. Indian weddings are known for their vibrant and rich culture, and hence the decor should reflect the grandeur of the ceremony. A perfect decor can give a fairy-tale touch to the event, thereby making it an evening to remember. However, before making a final decision, one needs to look at various aspects, in an order to make it the talk of the town. As innovation leads to perfection, always try to plan your wedding decor with creative ideas, keeping a track of the latest trends to give it a look you desire. We have tried to list out a few aspects that need attention to make your wedding venue mesmerising and enthralling. Read on.


Flowers always find a place in the list of decorating items, when it comes to Indian wedding decor. Use of flowers has been a popular trend in Indian marriages since ages. They are extensively used, as they are believed to spread a cheery vibe in the entire surrounding, making it more pleasant. All the flowers have different

Choosing A Good Wedding Photographer

Proper planning for the wedding will help you reduce the stress that is associated with weddings. One of the things that you will have to finalize on is the wedding photographer who will handle your wedding. There are many different wedding photographer Wiltshire and it can be challenging choosing the best if you don’t know what you want.

Things To Consider

To choose the perfect option for you, there are quite a few factors that you will have to consider.

1. The Style You Want

The first thing that you will have to do when choosing a wedding photographer is determining the photo style you want. This will guide you in choosing the perfect wedding photographer Swindon. There are different types of styles that you can choose from;

  • Documentary

This style involves taking photos spontaneously. Through this, the photographer captures the raw photos and emotions as they happen. The best way to document the entire wedding is by capturing you before and after the wedding makeup.

  • Portraiture

This is for the persons who want to capture the moments in classic portraits. Most of the wedding photographer Swindon do offer a mixture of documentary and portraiture photo style. You can also choose a traditional photographer to

Qualities Every Good Wedding Photographer Should Have

All photographers have their own unique sense of style- whether they are traditional or wedding photographers. It is thus important for you to know the different qualities a wedding photographer should have. There are many different wedding photographer Worcester that you can choose from and having the list of qualities will help you in narrowing them down.

The Different Qualities

1. Out Of The Ordinary

You don’t just need a wedding photographer; you need the best in the business. Yes, most of the photographers you will come around will try to give you good and quality photos. However, a good photographer is one that thinks outside the box. Remember that the wedding is not about taking photos only; it is also about capturing the emotions involved. You should look for a photographer who will be able to capture the different emotions displayed in the wedding.

A wedding photographer should have a website that you can check to see the types of images they have captured. They need to portray the depth of the photo from all angles.

2. Detail Oriented

A good wedding photographer Worcester should have a high attention to detail ability. This is what will enable them to give you different

Why Bournemouth is a Perfect Beach Wedding Destination

Loaded with world class facilities and hospitality services, Bournemouth is raising its reputation as a leading name in European wedding destinations. Surrounded by natural beauty and facilitate with luxury, it is the best place to take vows and start a new journey of love life.

Beach weddings are the recent trend in the series of unique and most exciting wedding themes. And when it is about a beach wedding in Bournemouth, the joy and pleasure reach to the next level. This coastal town gives you an opportunity to experience the most relaxed and chilled out wedding that one can ever go with. This is absolutely unique, now when it is completely lawful to have wedding ceremonies right on the beach, the couple can their most romantic move with the participation of the sea in their ceremonies.

The Bournemouth hotel industry is all set to grab this opportunity and a good number of Bournemouth wedding venues are ready to serve the couple and their guests to have a memorable event. The events are managed and served by the skilled and trained hospitality teams so that both the guests and the hosts can enjoy the wedding without any trouble or worry.